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Do you find yourself making plans for your life, job, and music career but you can’t seem to follow through?
Is having too many ideas preventing you from focusing on what will make a difference in your life NOW and in the future?
Has it been difficult to figure out the actions that will truly “move the needle” and propel you towards your career and life goals?
Do you find it hard to prioritize yourself and your art with all of your family, work, and other daily obligations?

You are not alone.

Many of us in the music business have struggled at one time or another, and may still be struggling, with lack of focus and clarity, not following through with our plans, and not knowing how to even look at our goals.

Countless more have had to re-assess and re-configure the kind of life that still allows us to create and be musicians even if it isn’t our main source of income.

As we grow as artists and as people our priorities change and evolve, too. Sometimes we need that guidance and support to take the steps out of the comfortable and the familiar, and to move forward without having to starve for our art, and without feeling guilty for prioritizing ourselves.

Let me come right out and say it:

    • There’s no shame in wanting to thrive in your life, as well as your art!
    • It’s ok (and highly encouraged) to not subscribe to the fallacy of the starving artist!
    • You can be passionate about your art and still want to get paid a living wage for doing it!
    • No matter where most of your income comes from, once you’re a musician you’re always a musician!

To that end, you can find different ways to make music on your own terms, while still having a career (correlating or primary) that will help you live your dream life!


Why Mindset & Business Coaching?

Because you want to live your dream life without apology or regret!

Together we can dive into the mental obstacles that are in your way, and find the different ways available to you to create the life you want for yourself, both personally and artistically.

I’ve had a multi-hyphenated career for over 10 years now, encompassing multiple music projects in addition to coaching and real estate work, and every aspect of it has helped me become a better business person in my music career.

Thanks to diversifying my offerings and income streams, I have been able to live my most artistically-fulfilling life because I get to choose which gigs I want to take, can negotiate my fees to where I want them to be (or walk away because I don’t need to rely on that money), and have the funds to create music projects I care about.

Does this sounds like a version of something you want for yourself? Together we can make that a reality!


The three pillars of The Marketable Musician philosophy

Fearless Performance –

When you truly believe in yourself, your abilities, and the unique gifts that you offer to the world (both musically and otherwise) you can show up fearlessly EVERY DAY and in ANY SITUATION,

Whether it’s an audition, performance, job interview, creating online content, speaking with clients, teaching, building a new business, or anything else, you can own your awesomeness and be FEARLESS!

Financial Empowerment –

Being empowered financially and creating a solid financial base is an important part of a successful music career.

Whether it be within the music world or with a correlating career outside the field, when you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills every month you gain the freedom to truly create the most artistically-fulfilling life of your dreams!

Artistic Freedom –

One of the most powerful things you can do as an artist is to say NO, and having the freedom to reject offers that don’t align with your chosen artistic path is what helps build that amazing musical life you truly want.

An added bonus of being financially empowered is also having the freedom to create your dream projects fearlessly, and without having to necessarily worry about their commercial success (though, of course, there are ways to make them profitable, too)!


The FULL IMPACT 1-on-1 coaching program addresses Vision, Strategy, Mindset, Skillset, and Energy.

It will provide (partial list):

– Tools to help boost your confidence and reach your full potential, including:

    – Overcoming limiting beliefs about money, earning potential, self worth, and more.

    – Reframing – find ways to look at life from different perspectives.

    – Learning how to live at cause and be in charge of your own life.

– Ideas and insights about branding, marketing, and promotion to get your performance career, correlating career, and/or dream project off the ground.

– Accountability partnership to help keep you on track with the tasks that will propel you towards your desired outcomes.

– Guidance in making sure you are aligned with what’s important to you, and in determining which correlating career will work best for you (if needed).

– Positive Intelligence – a brain “operating system”, introduced to the world by Shirzad Chamine, that helps you minimize the impact of the voices in your head that may be sabotaging you.

– Unwavering support with only one goal in mind – your success!


What would it feel like to take your career to the next level and achieve the success you want and deserve?
What will your life look like when you are able to bring music back into it in a meaningful way?

Are you satisfied with your path right now, or are you ready to blaze a new trail that will lead you to the life you dream about?

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“Coaching with Gilad has been one of the best things I could do for my career. I’ve been coaching with him for almost a year and what I’ve been able to accomplish with his help has been beyond my expectations. In fact, after 6 months I’ve not only accomplished nearly all of my original goals, but I’ve taken on new projects that previously I would have deemed impossible.
I also feel like my mindset has completely changed. I remember on my first coaching call I talked about feeling imposter syndrome and feeling like there weren’t enough gigs to go around. That feels so foreign to me now. This sounds catch phrase-y, but I really think I’ve shifted into a mindset of abundance and gratitude.
This is all to say that if you’re thinking of doing 1-on-1 coaching with Gilad, it’s more than worth it.”
~Rachel Sitomer, classical soprano, music director, cabaret singer, violin/viola teacher, lyricist


“I began working with Gilad six months ago and could not be happier with where the journey took me.
Gilad has helped realize why I do what I do and what makes my services unique. He helps me stay focused and motivated with our weekly action plans, which we create together and are based on both my short and long term goals. Not only that, Gilad has helped me navigate the tricky work/life balance of working a full time job in a Big 4 accounting firm while also being a DJ and music producer.
In the past few months, my DJ business has grown tremendously. I have never been this close to making music my full time job and it’s all thanks to Gilad and his coaching services, which not only taught me how to become a professional but also gave me confidence and helped me realize the value of my work and how I should value myself.
My favorite part about Gilad’s coaching services is that on a daily basis, I know there is someone I can talk to about any issue I am having or anything I have on my mind. I am currently in a way better position than I was 6 months ago, both mentally and in terms of my DJ career, and it’s all thanks to Gilad!”
~Matan Baron, DJ & Producer


In my time working with Gilad, I have found myself thinking much differently about who I am as an artist, what I want, and what I deserve. If you are looking to take your career to the next level, Gilad can help you reframe the way you think about booking gigs so that you can get out there and be the best agent and advocate for yourself.
He listens very carefully to everything I tell him and is able to make thoughtful observations about what I’m saying, as well as what I’m not saying because I feel too shy, foolish, or anxious (musicians have a lot of emotional baggage!). He’s able to look past some of my defenses and help me determine what’s holding me back, even when I don’t want to admit it to myself. He does all this with kindness, humor, and relatability.
It was amazing to connect with someone who is going his own way and booking his own gigs rather than auditioning to work for other people. Acting as your own agent requires a very different set of skills than knowing how to audition for YAPs, mainstage, etc., and Gilad really understands the ins and outs of this side of the business. I highly recommend working with him on a short- or long-term basis.”
~Jody Mullen, cabaret and jazz singer, classical soprano


“Having worked with Gilad in a 1:1 setting was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. His actionable advice and cheering on of my successes has led me to so much more in my career and as a person, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Anyone considering working with Gilad in any capacity, just do it. I promise you will not regret your decision.”
Jessica Bender, classical soprano, voice studio owner


“Coaching with Gilad gave me the tools and mindset to propel my career forward in a new market. After taking his booking bootcamp course, I knew I wanted the 1:1 guidance and feedback to successfully implement the strategies.
Gilad helped me fine tune my branding, website, and press kit, and systematically send my materials out to various arts organizations and presenters. My first year goal was to book one recital, oratorio, and opera role. We surpassed those goals within the first 6 months, booking 3 recitals, 3 oratorio performances, a concert tour, 1 opera role offer, and 2 opera chorus gigs!
My confidence during auditions and on social media has also noticeably increased. I’m in awe of the progress we’ve made in such a short period of time and have had several ‘pinch me’ moments along the way. Thank you, Gilad!”
~Veronica Deraleau,  classical soprano


“A huge SHOUT OUT to Gilad Paz for the awesome work we’ve done together.
Since starting his premium Success Coaching program, I’ve gained almost 10K followers between my Twitch and YouTube channels, my income has multiplied 3x from sources that I actually enjoy working towards, and I have more freedom to focus on practicing and preparing for upcoming gigs. More than anything, I’ve also felt incredibly liberated to find success in areas that compliment my performance career as well as my lifestyle.
If you’re not ready to take the dive into one of the intensive coaching tracks, I would highly recommend attending one of his webinars to get an idea of the work you would be doing.  It’s a great way to start envisioning what you can achieve through success coaching.”
~Charlie Calotta, operatic tenor and professional online content creator


“I had the pleasure of working with Gilad for several months.
When we started, I didn’t have a lot of direction in my life – I didn’t know what I wanted my life to look like.
Through coaching, Gilad helped me understand my own priorities and helped me form life goals. I feel comfortable knowing what my life may look like, but more importantly, what I WANT my life to look like. I have embraced things that make me unique instead of trying to “blend in”.
With Gilad’s help and inspiration, I have begun TWO businesses that I never dreamed as a possibility before, and I cannot wait to see where I go.”
~ Lisa Parente, operatic soprano, memorial singer

“Gilad had been very adept at helping me narrow down my cornucopia of desires to concrete actions, suggesting ideas where I never thought to look.
He has been extremely helpful in driving my career forward, and shining light on certain blind spots I have while honing my strengths as well. And on top of it all, he is a mensch! Just a great energy and enthusiasm, and not a drop of it is false.”
~ Michael Sheppard, concert and collaborative pianist, actor, voice over artist


“Coaching with Gilad has helped me to realize my full potential and reaffirmed that I am actually an expert, a professional, and a resource to my colleagues and community.While I am confident in myself and my abilities, sometimes I question my worth and value when making decisions about my business as a performer and as a studio owner. Working with Gilad has built a solid foundation where I don’t need to question any of those things and I have the credentials, and results, to back up why I charge what I charge for what I do. My sessions with Gilad are always filled with lots of positive affirmations and essential questioning from him that have helped guide me towards my goals.”
~Alexa Teebo, music theatre performer, educator, studio owner

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