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Do you find yourself making plans for your life, job, and music career but you can’t seem to follow through?

Is having too many ideas preventing you from focusing on what will make a difference in your life NOW and in the future?

Has it been difficult to figure out the actions that will truly “move the needle” and propel you towards your career and life goals?

Have you had a hard time even figuring out goals for your life and career?

You are not alone.

Many of us in the music business have struggled at one time or another, and may still be struggling, with lack of focus and clarity, not following through with our plans, and not knowing how to even look at our goals.

Countless more have had to re-assess and re-configure the kind of life that still allows us to create and be musicians even if it isn’t our main source of income.

As we grow as artists and as people our priorities change and evolve, too. Sometimes we need that guidance and support to take the steps out of the comfortable and the familiar, and to move forward without having to starve for our art.

Let me come right out and say it:

  •  There’s no shame in wanting to thrive in your life, as well as your art!
  • It’s ok (and highly encouraged) to not subscribe to the fallacy of the starving artist!
  • You can be passionate about your art and still want to get paid a living wage for doing it!
  • No matter where most of your income comes from, once you’re a musician you’re always a musician!

To that end, you can find different ways to make music on your own terms, while still having a career (correlating or primary) that will help you live your dream life!

Why Coaching?

Because this is what it really is about – living your dream life!

So if your dream life DOESN’T include:

  • Living out of your car
  • Scrounging for every underpaid contract/gig
  • Begging a presenter to pay you a living wage for the extensive amount of work they expect from you.

That’s totally understandable and completely valid!

Together we can find a different way to create the life you want for yourself, both personally and artistically!

I personally went into a correlating career in real estate more than 10 years ago, and it was the best decision I have made for creating my dream life.

Not only do my wife Lisa and I live in Chelsea NYC, go to fancy restaurants when we feel like it, travel, etc., but I am also able to have the most artistically-fulfilling life because I get to choose which gigs I want to take, and can negotiate my fees to where I want them to be (or walk away because I don’t need to rely on that money).

The three pillars of The Marketable Musician philosophy

Fearless Performance –

When you truly believe in yourself, your abilities, and the unique gifts that you offer to the world (both musically and otherwise) you can show up fearlessly EVERY DAY and in ANY SITUATION!

Whether it’s an audition, performance, job interview, creating online content, speaking with clients, teaching, building a new business, or anything else, you can own your awesomeness and be FEARLESS!

Financial Empowerment –

Being empowered financially and creating a solid financial base is an important part of a successful music career!

Whether it be within the music world or with a correlating career outside the field, when you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills every month you gain the freedom to truly create the most artistically-fulfilling life of your dreams!

Artistic Freedom –

One of the most powerful things you can do as an artist is to say NO, and having the freedom to reject offers that don’t contribute to your chosen artistic path is what helps build that amazing musical life you truly want!

An added bonus of being financially empowered is also having the freedom to create your dream projects fearlessly, and without having to necessarily worry about their commercial success (though, of course, there are ways to make them more profitable)!

What would it feel like to take your career to the next level?
What will your life look like when you achieve the success you want and deserve?

Are you satisfied with your path right now or are you ready to blaze a new trail that will lead you to your dream life?

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“A huge SHOUT OUT to Gilad Paz for the awesome work we’ve done since November.
Since starting his premium Success Coaching program, I’ve gained almost 10K followers between my Twitch and YouTube channels, my income has multiplied 3x from sources that I actually enjoy working towards, and I have more freedom to focus on practicing and preparing for upcoming gigs. More than anything, I’ve also felt incredibly liberated to find success in areas that compliment my performance career as well as my lifestyle.
If you’re not ready to take the dive into one of the intensive coaching tracks, I would highly recommend attending one of his webinars to get an idea of the work you would be doing.  It’s a great way to start envisioning what you can achieve through success coaching.”
~Charlie Calotta, operatic tenor and professional online content creator


“I had the pleasure of working with Gilad for several months.
When we started, I didn’t have a lot of direction in my life – I didn’t know what I wanted my life to look like.
Through coaching, Gilad helped me understand my own priorities and helped me form life goals. I feel comfortable knowing what my life may look like, but more importantly, what I WANT my life to look like. I have embraced things that make me unique instead of trying to “blend in”.
With Gilad’s help and inspiration, I have begun TWO businesses that I never dreamed as a possibility before, and I cannot wait to see where I go.”
~ Lisa Parente, operatic soprano, memorial singer

“Gilad had been very adept at helping me narrow down my cornucopia of desires to concrete actions, suggesting ideas where I never thought to look.
He has been extremely helpful in driving my career forward, and shining light on certain blind spots I have while honing my strengths as well. And on top of it all, he is a mensch! Just a great energy and enthusiasm, and not a drop of it is false.”
~ Michael Sheppard, concert and collaborative pianist, actor, voice over artist


“Coaching with Gilad has helped me to realize my full potential and reaffirmed that I am actually an expert, a professional, and a resource to my colleagues and community.While I am confident in myself and my abilities, sometimes I question my worth and value when making decisions about my business as a performer and as a studio owner. Working with Gilad has built a solid foundation where I don’t need to question any of those things and I have the credentials, and results, to back up why I charge what I charge for what I do. My sessions with Gilad are always filled with lots of positive affirmations and essential questioning from him that have helped guide me towards my goals.”
~Alexa Teebo, music theatre performer, educator, studio owner

“In all the time I have known Gilad he has always been a loyal ally I could trust to give me an honest opinion and be a strong collaborator in any field of music.
As someone once told me, “a good friend tells you want you want to hear but a great friend tells you what you need to hear.” In this way Gilad has not only been a great coach but also a great friend to me, because he doesn’t water down the truth and he extends that courtesy to everyone that surrounds him. When you show that you are serious about using his expert advice, you are having a forward-moving conversation and inspired to start your journey. The conversation is always focused around YOU defining goals, and getting to what it is YOU need to move ahead. Our current conversations revolve around building industry and generating profits drawing from only what I personally love to do.His influence inspired me to invest in a home studio and to actively arrange/orchestrate/compose/record music with professional equipment so that I can be in the position to serve both my clients and myself. Gilad is, and always has been, one to see projects all the way through from start to finish. So glad he is in my corner as both a coach and friend.”
~Vinnie Lo Verme, guitarist, composer, educator

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