Need help with a specific challenge? Let’s work through it together!

Problem Solving

Book a 60-minute consultation with me to discuss any issues you’re currently having in your business and/or life.
I’ve found that talking through a problem and hearing a different perspective on it can really help in shifting your mindset to find new creative solutions to address and solve it.

Contract Negotiation

I know what it’s like to be a musician trying to negotiate your own fee.
You know what you’re worth and what you want to get paid, but you don’t want the working relationship to start with a back-and-forth about money.
Let me do the negotiation for you and advocate on your behalf so you can concentrate on being the talent!

Contract Writing

Congratulations, you booked a gig! But no contract has been provided and you’re not sure what needs to be there.
I’ve written countless contracts for different types of performances, recording projects, video projects, and more, and will be happy to help!

Project Consulting

Anything you need in order to get your project to where you want it to be. Need help getting it off the ground? Research & Development? Financials? Marketing? An outside perspective?
I’ve created numerous projects and shows over the years and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way that will help with you with yours!

Event Entertainment Sourcing

Looking for entertainment to enhance your event’s message or theme, that will be just the right fit for your guests?
In my over 15 years in NYC I’ve amassed a vast network of performers specializing in different genres, styles, and instruments, and have curated performances for diverse audiences, venues, and occasions.
Let’s make your event the best it can be!

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“The Marketable Musician played a crucial role in the development of my business.
Like many artists, I was desperately trying to formulate a “plan b” when COVID hit. A stage director, a librettist, an acting coach— I found myself with a myriad of directions but no concise destination in sight. Enter Gilad to save the show. As my business consultant and success coach, he truly listened to all of my thoughts and turned my ideas into actions. These actions informed goals to be set and the specificity of how I was going to get there.
With the Marketable Musician, you get personal training by someone who is as passionate about your business as you are.”
~Brittany (Bea) Goodwin, stage director, librettist, acting coach


“Gilad is the type of person that sees potential in others. He also sees when we aren’t embracing our full potential. At a very critical point in time, Gilad’s positivity and energy pulled me up into turbo mode and got me to change my business (and myself as an artist) in a huge way.
What I most love about working with Gilad is he doesn’t accept less than what he knows is possible. Through his catalysm, I grew my income by 75% during Covid, and completely pivoted/restructured my business to something that brings me absolute joy.
A large credit goes to Gilad at The Marketable Musician for his belief in my goals and his unwavering support and tell-it-like-it-is guidance!”
~Julia Radosz, operatic soprano, voice teacher and studio owner


“Having a one-hour conversation with Gilad will show you a different way of looking at your business or a specific project. I am an actress and producer, and the consultation I had with him (along with the thought-provoking questions posed by Gilad) has given me a new perspective on my process of creating my dream show and taking it to Broadway.
No matter your discipline, any artist will benefit from an hour with Gilad. I highly recommend you reach out to him!”
Eden Atias, actress, theater producer

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