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The Marketable Musician Conversation

This is NOT your regular presentation!

I love speaking with musicians at eye level about their real struggles.

Whether it’s working musicians trying to get to the next level in their careers, students fearing coming out of school and going into the real world, or musicians (both professional and amateur) figuring out the multitude of ways to achieve a musical life in the 21st century, these are conversations that we need to have openly and courageously!

What is the Conversation all about?

We are all unique people and artists

Understanding how to hone in on what makes us unique and sets us apart from other artists is an important step in creating a thriving performance career!
Through sharing my own story, participants will understand how to start figuring out what makes them unique, and how to utilize that knowledge to find more performance opportunities.

We are not each others’ competition

Academia, society, and the music industry itself, keep pushing the narrative that we are competing against each other, but that is entirely untrue!
When we are able to accept that the success of others is not a detriment to our own success, we cultivate an abundance mindset that is the key to growing our careers.
Remember, a rising tide raises all ships, so with every musician who is able to stand up for themselves and get the better terms and higher fees that they desire, we all do better!  We’ll examine how to change our mindset from scarcity to abundance.

Each of us can follow a different path to a fulfilling artistic life

We’ve all been sold on a subscribed path to success, or the romantic TV and film versions of a musical journey to stardom, but there many ways to achieve a musical life. Finding our own path that aligns with our personal wants, needs, and values, is a much more realistic and exciting way to a fulfilling artistic life!
We’ll discuss different paths to success that will help participants understand the myriad ways in which musicians create a performing life on their own terms.

Sharing struggles and finding solutions

This is a conversation, not just a presentation, so participants will have the opportunity to share their own struggles, see that they’re not alone, and get some ideas from me as a business and mindset coach for finding solutions that would allow them to move forward and make big positive changes to their music lives!


The Marketable Musician Conversation gives musicians the permission to be themselves and pursue their own idea of success in the music world and beyond!


Available for:

  • Universities
  • Clubs
  • Professional Organizations
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Young Artist Programs & Summer Festivals
  • Podcasts
  • Interview Series
  • Training Programs



“Thanks again for being such an inspiration to our students.  This was such a great way to start the new semester!
I hope you had as much fun as we did – I know you made a difference in attitudes and that you gave them some new ways to deal with the doubts and frustrations we have to deal with as musicians.”
~John Reeks, clarinet faculty, Loyola University New Orleans, and Louisiana Philharmonic


“It was a great presentation! You are a great speaker. I was impressed, but then, I figured I would be.”
~Anita Lyons, dramatic soprano, private voice instructor


“One of the most valuable parts of a presentation like this is your personal storytelling… Hearing specific (and truthful) stories is huge. It gives people confidence to do similar things.”
~Rebecca Ehren, organ scholar, Washington National Cathedral

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